Locus of interaction

Research / UX  / UI Design / Prototyping

This project presented a unique challenge in the field of product interaction design as it explores the possibilities of combining multiple functions in a parallel interaction plane.

The main focus of the product is to provide a programmable way of setting the air-quality mood of spaces. This presents an exciting challenge in interaction design, as the design must be intuitive and user-friendly while seamlessly integrating multiple functions. Our goal was to create a product that makes controlling the air-quality mood of a space effortless, striking the right balance between complexity and simplicity.


In a world without smartphones and apps, designing a product becomes a unique challenge. As interaction designers, we were faced with the task of exploring new territories and finding ways to create intuitive product interactions. This required us to think outside of the box and venture into the unknown, to come up with solutions that were not limited by the conventions of modern technology. The absence of smartphones and apps forced us to think creatively and develop new approaches to product design, resulting in a truly unique and innovative experience for the user.

Video Showcase

We created a video showcasing the product’s innovative features and how it controls air-quality mood. The video was visually engaging and conveyed key information about the product. It was a challenge but also an opportunity to show the work put into creating it.


This project was a unique and challenging exercise in product interaction design. Our team was focused on exploring the possibilities of combining multiple functions in a parallel interaction plane and creating a product that would provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Through careful consideration and experimentation, we aimed to balance the complexity and simplicity of the product, ultimately making the task of controlling the air-quality mood of a space effortless. Despite the challenges, this project was a valuable opportunity to delve into the world of interaction design and to refine our skills in creating products that are both functional and user-friendly.