Cosmic Sleep

Research / User Testing / UX  / UI Design

Cosmic Sleep is a pioneering project that combines science and technology to understand the impact of temperature on our emotions. By investigating the relationship between emotions and body temperature, researchers at Aalto University in Helsinki have confirmed that temperature plays a crucial role in our mood and well-being. In response to this research, Polymorf has developed a revolutionary suit that utilizes programmable thermal distribution to design emotional experiences.

Personal Involvement

I was part of the team that brought the Cosmic Sleep project to life. I played a crucial role in the design of the frame, providing creative input and helping to simplify the design due to time constraints. I also played a hands-on role in the production of over 40 PCB boards, where I soldered components and helped with the design of the suit, determining the placement of elements on the body.

Fast Paced Environment

Working in a multi-disciplinary team was a new experience for me and I saw it as an opportunity to develop my communication skills and interact with different stakeholders from various fields of expertise. The intensive soldering required for the PCB boards meant I spent a significant amount of time working with a soldering iron, and I picked up valuable skills along the way. Overall, the fast-paced environment of the Cosmic Sleep project provided me with a challenging but rewarding experience.

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