Dynamic Support Shoes

Research / Experimental Product Design 

The P.A.M. (Pneumatic Artificial Muscles) technology is a game-changer in the world of footwear. Designed to deliver dynamic support to the foot during the working day, this innovative technology uses air pressure to provide customized comfort and cushioning.

The shoes have an air chamber that is charged by the pressure of walking, which then directs air pressure to specific areas around the foot and foot-sole. This allows the shoes to adapt to the wearer’s movements, providing a tailored fit that reduces stress and strain on the feet. With P.A.M., say goodbye to tired and aching feet, and say hello to all-day comfort and support.

Project Overview

The development of this concept product was a collaborative effort that involved various stakeholders, product experts, and movement scientists. By engaging with these individuals, the team was able to gather valuable insights and feedback that helped shape the direction of the project.

This multidisciplinary approach helped ensure that the final product was not only functional but also met the needs of the target users. The product experts provided insights into design and materials, while the movement scientists helped inform the technology and its impact on foot movement.


The Pneumatic Artificial Muscles technology provided the foundation for the development of this product, but it was important to determine the most effective application area for the technology. To do this, the team conducted extensive research to identify areas where the devices could provide the greatest value.

This research involved analyzing market trends, consumer needs, and the competitive landscape to determine where the technology could have the greatest impact. The findings of this research helped the team make informed decisions about how best to apply the technology and where to focus their efforts.


In order to bring the concept of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles technology to life, we developed a working prototype. To do this, we created a silicon mold of the foot support system and experimented with different levels of support. We adjusted the amount of support provided by the system to find the optimal balance between comfort and stability.

We then implemented the mold into a canvas shoe, which allowed for maximum support and cushioning.


The working prototype allowed us to demonstrate the full capabilities of the Pneumatic Artificial Muscles technology and highlight its potential to improve the experience of wearing shoes.

To showcase this potential to a wider audience, we created a promotional video and accompanying infographics to present our product and research. The promotional video provided an engaging visual representation of the product and its benefits, while the infographics served as a tool to explain the technology and its key features in a clear and concise manner.

This approach allowed us to effectively communicate the value of our product to stakeholders, product experts, and potential customers.